CARPEX / WINDEX 2012 have been cancelled.

Owing to the greatly enhanced marketing opportunity offered by the Cleaning Show 2013, which is co-locating with the IMHX International Materials Handling Show, several traditional Carpex/Windex exhibitors have elected to use a greater percentage and in some cases all of their marketing budget for this event.

Visitor numbers at the Cleaning Show 2013 are expected to significantly increase thanks to the co-location with IMHX, making this an event that no serious supplier to the cleaning and allied markets can afford to miss.

Few companies wish to attend both Carpex/Windex and the Cleaning Show 2013, and as a consequence Carpex/Windex 2012 has been cancelled.

The next Carpex/Windex exhibition will therefore take place in 2014.

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Sponsors & Supporters

Federation of Window Cleaners

Windex is supported and sponsored by the FWC. The professional Employers Trade Association for window cleaners for over 60 years! Founded in 1947, the FWC is the authoritative organisation providing information on all aspects of the Window and General Cleaning industry to all members.

The Federation also act as advisors where needed and represent the industry in discussions with government and municipal bodies on any aspects affecting the business.

The Federation of Window Cleaners aims to:

  • Provide information on all aspects of the Trade.
  • Increase public awareness of the need for high standards of safety.
  • Represent the Industry with government and municipal bodies.
  • Support Members with FREE 24 hour legal advice
  • Encourage members in attaining Health & Safety Training & Education
  • Promote the protection of the customer against Fraud & Misrepresentation. 

Read more about the benefits of membership here

Cleaning & Maintenance magazine

Cleaning & Maintenance magazine (Media Sponsor) is the number one read for everyone involved in the cleaning and support services business. As the market leader, C & M presents news, features and information in a fresh, clear and concise manner. 
Its unrivalled content places it head and shoulders above any other publication in the field. And with 50 years of publication behind it, C & M continues to highlight the diverse needs of a rapidly changing market.